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Recommended Tools

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Recommended tools – what is it and why I’m using them?

recommended tools

Every marketer or business owner has got his own recommended tools. I’m not a different and have got mine as well.

You might probably seen these tools over the internet and maybe you’ve wondered what it is and how to use it, etc.

But what do I need these tools for? Why are these so important? Should I use it or not? Well, as in every business you need kinda tools to get your business rolling.

It’s exactly the same regards affiliate marketing. It’s much easier to work on some topics if you are using any tools which may help you to achieve any results you’ve got in your mind.

What exactly do I need and how often I’ll be using them?

Before I’ll explain that, however, let me quickly tell you why I have them.

So, to let me write something on my website, first I need to have that website. To do that I would need to have a domain. OK, let’s say I’ve got domain already, which is MY WEBSITE.

my website

Now if I want my website to be displayed on the internet I will need to have a hosting as well. But after I have acquired my domain and hosting I won’t be able to post anything without “special” editor.

And this is the time when I will need to install some platform to let me write my posts, create pages, insert any kind of media onto the website, etc.

This is only one of the reasons why I’m using these kind of tools. I call it “a tool” because this is something what helps me in my business. You may call it different ways but it’s totally up to you. Let’s stick to the term “tool”.

How did I get my recommended tools?

domain and hosting

First of all, if you’d like to have your own place over the internet to share your experiences with people or even your work, you will need A WEBSITE.

To have your own website (however to start affiliate marketing you don’t actually need a website) you will need to register your own domain, and then this domain need to be hosted to let anyone see it in the internet.

To do that you will need to buy out hosting from hosting provider. And then, when you’ll get everything wrapped up, you can install an editor – platform which will let you create pages and write posts.

To do that you will need A TOOL called WORDPRESS. It’s very nice and easy platform what let you create any kind of pages on your website as well as write unlimited posts.

How can I get WordPress installed on my website?

Most domain providers can also provide you with different editors inside your website. And there is no difference to WordPress itself. Now, every domain registrar (that’s the correct name of your domain provider – a company who did you register domain with) will give you FREE WordPress to be installed inside your domain.


It’s very simple and easy to install it. What you need to do first is to login into your hosting cpanel. From inside you will see a lot of features to install but we are mostly interested in WordPress. To see how to do it, please reffer to this video.

So, what are these tools that am using?

Finally, the tools I would recommend for you are all listed bellow. You don’t need to use actually same tools (regards website and hosting provider) but these one have been tested by me and I think that are the best for the start and not the only.

Domain Registrar

Before I have registered my domain I have tested and checked few of the domain providers and this is the one I would recommend:

My number one domain provider – NAMECHEAP

They’ve got cheap domains as well as they can provide hosting for reasonable prices.

Another domain registrar I would recommend – GODADDY


I have checked different hosting providers and have decided to chose NAMECHEAP. The reason is that firstly, it’s my domain provider as well; secondly – you can pay for hosting on monthly bases quite cheap according to other providers.

Inside domain editor

I’ve chosen WORDPRESS among any other editors available inside your hosting cpanel.


WordPress is very nice and very easy top create posts inside your website’s dashboard. Very easy to use.

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