How To Build An Email List

How To Build An Email List

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How To Build An Email List using any software?

Before we will talk about that we have to understand what email list is. how to build an email listAccording to Wikipedia, email list is a special use of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users. However, to say that in very simple way, email list is a list of subscribers.

The list is very unique for every individual who is creating or building such list. Although some people can have same subscribers on their lists (because of email list swaps, other known as solo ads), most of its lists are unique.

Every individual person can build such a list without any problems. Also it is possible to build an email list literally from scratch. Almost every person with a business has built own email list from zero. Most of people are using solo ads (which some don’t recommend) but also free traffic as well.

What Do I Need To Build An Email List?

When it comes to Email List Building, we will need to have quite a few tools. Most of the tools needed in email list creation we can get for free. However, some of the resources have paid subscriptions to let you use it. Most of the people are using exactly same tools and same resources in the process of list creation. And even they are ready to pay for it as long as it does the work for them.

Let’s go back to the topic.

The most important thing you need to have is a website. We are not talking in here about ordinary website. However, that kind of site would be good as well. how to build an email list landing pgeThe website am talking about is called “landing page” or “squeeze page”. This is the website, where you have your offer for people in exchange for their details such as email address, name, etc.

Without landing page you won’t be able to collect required informations. This informations will be essential for your business to let you scale up your business. And even just to start your business up. Because, whoever thinks seriously about online business knows already that “the money is in the list”. This is the very thing you must have in your mind when building up your business.

Your email list is a Holly Graal of your online empire. By having such list you are able to share with your subscribers valuable informations about you and your business. And, in later stages, you will be able to market any products to your prospects.

That way your chances to become successful in online business are very big.

What Website To Choose For Landing Page Building?

So, now in your mind you’ve got an idea to build an email list. You know what you need to have but the question is: “what website to choose?”.

As you are beginner and you might not know that, there is many website builders. Some of them are free but some are not. Just remember that not always what free is good.

Here is a little list with website/landing page builders:

  1. MailChimp
  2. Omnisend
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly
  5. Strikingly
  6. Webnode
  7. Site123

Possibly you will find much more over the internet, however this list contains the most recommended software.

If for some reasons you would like to try some paid software on free trials, here is another list:

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. LeadPages
  3. Wishpond
  4. Landingi

All of them are available on a 14 – day trial to test it for free. However, they require to put your card details in front but you won’t be charged unless trial date is over.

What Else I will Need To Build My Email List?

Next thing you will need to have is an autoresponder. Autoresponder is an automated software which allows you to send email, newsletters or even a broadcast to list of your subscribers automatically! how to build an email list autoresponderAs soon as you set the campaign up, you don’t need to do anything. Autoresponder will send emails to your list every single day (depends on your set up). You wouldn’t need to do anything but set everything up on beginning.

Here is two main autoresponder you may want to try out. There is 30 – day trial on each:

  1. Aweber
  2. GetResponse

When you choose your desired autoresponder you will have to learn how to integrate autoresponder  with your landing page, so you can collect emails.

When you’ve got everything set up and ready, next thing you will need is to think about your niche. So far you should know what offers you would love to promote. By saying that – you already know what your niche is.

At this stage you have already chosen your offer to promote, you’ve got landing page and autoresponder set up and ready. Now, it’s time to promote some of your offers.

But, where should you go?

And how you can promote them?

How is the best way to promote offers?

These questions are very easy to answer but sometimes more difficult to deal with! Most of the people over the internet are doing things wrong! a lot of people are trying to spam links around hoping, that someone will click it. This is not the right way to do things!

Before you even think about promoting your links here and there, read this!

One of the best ways to promote your affiliate links is Social Media.

But, you have to learn a bit on how to do the right way? Social Media is also one of the best places to go if you want to find out how to build an email list for free.

First comes first, you would want to join Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. Simply sign up for all of them with one of your emails. These platforms always offers free accounts, so there is no worries to pay for anything (unless you doing advertisements).

When you decide to join these networks, next thing will be to join groups on Facebook (Instagram and Twitter don’t offer groups, they works on hashtags). how to build an email list social mediaAnd again, join groups related to your niche so you know who you deal with. When you join several groups try to offer to people some value. Don’t try to persuade them to sign up to your email list! It doesn’t work anymore like that!

As long as people will be interested in your offer they will be keen to give you their email address and join your list. But remember, to DO NOT SELL ANYTHING AT FIRST! Most of the people wants to see what you’ve got to offer before they would give their details to you.

Be as human as you can. Try to put yourself into their shoes before you will spam your links around. You must try to think what this audience need so you could offer to them. If this is weight loss niche then you can offer some free ebook or training video. But if this is spirituality niche, you won’t offer to this audience fitness training but something else.

What Is Behind “Closed Doors”?

You have to think how to solve their problems and not to sell anything to them! Build the trust first, and sells will come as well. If you wish to the other way round – you will loose your subscribers! This is main thing you have to remember.

The reason is that whatever you do in your business, TRUST always comes first. When people trust you, they will buy from you anything. So, if you really want to build your email list with unique and quality customers make sure to give value to people. Make sure they will want to listen to you. And if they do, you will make huge commissions.

When you understand this principal, then everything else will be quite easy.

Always think about your subscribers/customers as about yourself. Would you leave your email address and some other details if you would see your offer? Would you be likely to click the link with your offer?

There is a lot of questions you have to ask yourself. And there is still more answers to your questions. Answer them by yourself and you’ll be ready to become successful entrepreneur and online business owner!

Here is some walk-through video tutorial on How To Build An Email List





Krzysztof Bolesta

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